Glue Tips

“Glue Tips”

Glues vary greatly and there is more than one type of glue that is needed to build your foamie. But mostly, it’s the modeler’s preference on what type of glue they use and are comfortable with. Notes:

First off, prior to any gluing, make sure that you wipe off the smooth surface of Depron with alcohol to remove any oils on the surface.

Never glue the leading and trailing edge of the wing to the fuse. Use a small amount of glue about 1″ in from the leading and trailing edges, this will allow the fuselage to flex, preventing hard points and cracks to start at the joint.

Here is a list of foam compatible glues:

  • Foam Safe CA and Foam Safe Kicker- Works great, used with kicker, dries instantly. Great for field repairs, in case you happen to break something. Usually dries clear, and makes for a great way to keep the plane clean.
  • Gorilla Fast Cure- Generally messy, but works fine. Used in small amounts, keeps weight down. We found that it works best on the end grain of the foam, especially in repairing a broken nose or wingtip. Use it only where it can be contained, never at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical fuse. Over time, it turns a dark brown color, which makes the plane seem a bit messy.
  • Elmer’s Craft glue- This type of glue works fine, but takes hours to dry, usually overnight. Dries clear, making final product very clean. Glue can break easily so use in large amounts.
  • Epoxy- 5-minute works, but 15-30 works better. Generally a bit messy, and sometimes dries with a green-ish color. Great for mounting the motor or other high stress sections on the aircraft, such as the wing spar. If you get sloppy, it will clean it up with Denatured Alcohol.
  • “Welders” – This is the same as contact cement (in a tube). Apply a thin amount on each surface, let it get tacky then stick the surfaces together. The works great on EPP for, but it will MELT Depron.
  • Gorilla Pen Glue (available at Wal-Mart and some Home Depots)- This is another quick setting glue, much like the PL Turbo but takes about 1 hour and it’s less expensive. Both of these are sold in small tubes and are referred to as “Pen Glues”
  • “Aleene’s Craft Glue” (available at Michaels Crafts)- A PVA style glue that can be purchased at craft stores. Similar to white Elmer’s Craft Clue, but is thicker. Works great along the sides of the fuse after assembly.
  • Hot Glue- Generally is messy, but can dry clear, and makes a nice flexible bond, which holds great. Be careful to not use high temperature hot glue! Don’t use in areas where the temperature regularly gets above 80º Fahrenheit (or about 28º Celsius).

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