Heat Shrink Tubing Tricks

I like using shrink tubing when possible as I feel it just makes for the neatest results. There are times when we not only use shrink tube at wire splices but in situations like covering ESCs or receiver antenna protection from rotor hits and such. And then there are times I use longer pieces to make conduits into which I route several wires which run front to back like video camera to TX. These conduit can even allow you to stash much longer lengths of wire by folding up the extra before inserting into the shrink tube conduit thus avoiding cutting and adding an additional splice into the wire harness and getting rid of that bird nest so many copters seem to have.

But here is my newest observation which I hope others try out in their quest for neat builds. There are times when you wish you could shrink tube some wires to an arm or opening to simply secure and tidy things up but there is no way to slide shrink tube onto/into that location.

Cut a piece of shrink tube which will be a bit larger in diameter but will still shrink down and then cut it along the length. This cut allows you to wrap it around a location and gather up wires or whatever. Then, use some CA and run a fine continuous bead of CA along one edge of the shrink tube where you cut it, and bond the tube back into a tube. I don’t have accelerator for CA but it didn’t seem to need it at all in my case. Once the tubing is back together just shrink it down and snug it up. I turn the glued seam away from sight when possible.

I’ve been making an overlap of maybe 1/16 to 3/32 depending on size. The CA didn’t burn and didn’t cause the heatshrink to crumble