The newest addition to our shop is a CO2 60 watt laser with a 18″ x 24″ cutting area.  We are still learning the capabilities of the unit, our first tests started with cutting acrylic, that’s what lasers are made for…clear edges with no polishing!

Laser Cutting Acrylic can be a great start for an LED trophy. Check out our trophy pages for more details.
Laser cutting Balsa and Plywood is not as expensive as you might think, in fact it is much cheaper and more convenient than old fashioned Die Cutting.
Laser Short Kits are designed for the average kit builder and not recommended for the beginner


Laser Short Kits

  • Laser Cutting has become the standard in model manufacturing for over 10 years.
  • Laser Cutting does not require big expense in fabricating Dies, also parts can be up-dated very easy and at any time.
  • Laser cut balsa and plywood parts are more precise than die-crashed parts. No trimming required.
  • You can have your parts placed as close as you like to reduce material waist and cost. Which means more effective pay-back for your time and effort investment.
  • If you need parts cut on our 60 watt laser, you can use this calculator. Or you can use our Project Request Form and we will custom build or cut anything.


LED Trophies

Ordering for our LED lights can be as simple as add-to-cart and checkout.