Painting Tips

“Painting your Foamies”

I’ve used the Krylon Fusion (from Wal-Mart) with good results, but you need to be careful on how you use it. Make sure that you spray light coats, let them tack up and you keep the nozzle about 12-15″ away from the foam.

I have also had great results with the Testers & Model Masters paint from the hobby stores using the same technique.

If you use Krylon H2O, make sure that you spray lightly around the masking, or else it will bleed under. H2O is an environmentally friendly aerosol paint with practically no smell and a short drying time. The paint is meant for wood, metal, plastic, glass, concrete and stone surfaces in addition to covering cellular plastic in indoor and outdoor environments. H20 is both weather and waterproof!

When using any spray paint, use a poster board or heavy paper to make a mask, make sure to save the opposite side to create drop shadows. Use small straight pins at an angle to hold the mask down, the small pin holes will not be visible.

Yes, sharpie markers work great.

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