38in. Ultralight Combo


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38in. Ultralight Combo

These kits are constructed of 6mm Depron AERO, which is about 1/3 less weight compared to Depron. The AERO allows the build to come in under 10 ounces.

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Wing Span: 984mm (38.76″)
Length: 939mm (37″)
Wing Area: 345 sq in
Wing Airfoil: Flat
Flying Weight: 8.5-10.0 oz
Radio: Sub-Micro servos and micro receiver
Battery: 3S 500mAh – 3S 600mAh
Motor: DP- 2208 1400kv
Controller: 12 Amp Speed Control

Kit includes:

  • Pre-cut 6mm Depron AERO
  • Vinyl Graphics (colors may vary between kits)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carbon Landing Gear and Wheels
  • EZ-Connectors
  • Battery Strap
  • Flat Carbon main spar
  • The setup uses a single aileron servo with an offset control horn, EZ-Connectors and pushrods.
  • Pull-Pull hardware, the rudder/elevator is a pull-pull setup including horns and Dacron line w/cable tensioning.

To get these air-frames to balance, you need to mount all electronics forward of the CG and mostly within a few inches from the firewall. This setup is identical to how most competition F3P indoor foamies are constructed. The foamie builds flat on the deck, flipping it over then mounting the servos and aileron pushrods prior to installing the turtledeck and rudder assembly.

Combo Deal includes:

  • 2208-1400kv Motor & 12 amp Controller
  • 3-HXT-900 Servos
  • Free 8×4.7 Prop

What’s needed:

  • 4  channel receiver
  • Foamsafe CA and Kicker
  • 1 roll of Blenderm Tape
  • 3S 500mAh – 3S 650mAh 65C Li-poly Battery

Dynamo 12amp Controller:

Amps: 12A Continuous
Cell Count: 2S -3S LiPoly
Size: 1.25″ x .75″ x .125″
Weight: .5oz (15 grams)
BEC: 2amp
Programmable: Low Voltage Cutoff/Cell Type


Dynamo 2208-1400KV Specifications:

No. of Cells:   2 – 3 Li-Poly
Kv: 1400 RPM/V
Max Efficiency:
Max Efficiency Current: 5-9A (>74%)
No Load Current: 0.6A @10V
Max Current: 12A (60sec.)
Max Watts: 133W
Weight: 36 grams
27.5×26 (mm)
Shaft Diameter: 3mm

Suggested propeller 8×4.7 Slowfly


Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 2 in