Repairing Dents

“Repairing Dents in Depron”

 …when you fly into something that has more mass and/or much harder than your foamie and your plane loses the battle.

Here is a trick that I use… Turn on a household iron or your Monokote iron, at full temp, and with a very damp paper towel folded in quarters, you can steam dents and compression marks out of your foamie. Depron can be heated up to about 200 degrees before it starts getting soft, dents steam out at just under that temp. Try it on a sample and you will be impressed with your results. Doing this multiple times over an area will usually bring it back to its original state. Do all of this before you do any gluing or your results will not be as good. For repairs, I suggest using Gorilla Fast Cure polyurethane glue. It’s a foaming glue and works great for filling gaps, it holds up well to flexing and is less money than brittle CA. I only use the Gorilla glue when you can contain it with masking tape, after it dries pull the tape of quickly and it will pull the bleeders off the smooth surface of the Depron foam.

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