MorganTech has been serving our Southern California customers for over 40 years. We have clients and repeat customers that have been with us for over 20 years. We offer a broad range of services including: Product Design and Prototyping, Web Design, Woodworking, Model Building, Kit Manufacturing and much more.

We’ve added a few online estimating tools that will enable you to gather price information for your projects. When you have the need to cut some G-10 fiberglass sheet stock checkout our CNC Routing Estimator. If you have designed or downloaded a part to be 3D Printed and need an estimate, you can use our 3D Printing Estimator. We now have a medium format laser in-house, if you need a price on cutting some parts, use our Laser Cutting Estimator for a price quote. Our online shop has LED Laser Art that can be customized, jump over to our Laser Art page for more info.