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We offer a full line of the 3DLabPrint airframes. You can order just the kit or a complete package including graphics and hardware. Using medium CA and kicker will be all you need for assembly. Our prints are done on high quality 3Dprinters with all metal frames these printers produce some of the best quality prints available.

There are a variety of glues on the market. We’ve tested many and there are only a few that came out on top.  Bob Smith Industries Insta-Cure medium is what we suggest. SCIGRIP 4 Acrylic Solvent Cement by Weldon is another one, it’s a solvent so it melts the plastic giving a permanent bond. The down side of this style glue is the parts need to be dipped into a vat, such as a pie dish and with that much surface area exposed the active solvents flash out quickly. 

Hardware selection can be a lot of work. There is no one stop shop to purchase everything, we are working on a solution. We are starting to offer “Finishing Kits” that will offer all hardware, including screws push rods, wheel collets and even graphics.

We have done extensive testing with annealing PLA parts on the 3DLabPrint kits, because of the single-wall prints unfortunately they deform too much.  We’ve tested both water bath and in the oven with success only on multi-wall prints with 20% or more infill such as landing gear and motor mounts.

The advantage of using the High Temp PLA allows us to print at a higher temp, around 230 degrees. Higher print temps has two advantages, one is way better layer adhesion making the parts much stronger and the additional heat will further crystallize the PLA and increase the heat distortion temperature somewhat more than the standard PLA, but not near what is achieved by annealing.

So bottom line, if you want a 3DPrinted plane to survive the heat, keep it in the shade with good air circulation, not in a shaded hot car and keep it covered with a Mylar wing and fuse bags. The other is clear and other light colored filaments survive better in the heat.