A prototype is an operating version of a solution. Often a designer makes a prototype with different materials than the final version, and generally it is not as polished.

Prototypes are a key step in the development of a final solution, allowing the designer to test how the solution will work and even show the solution to users for feedback. Occasionally, designers will prototype pieces of the final solution very early in the design process. Sometimes designers will make several prototypes during the development of a solution.

Prototypes can help you to develop the structure, function, and appearance of your solution.

Readily Available Materials

Acrylics, G-10/FR10, machinable Foam, wood, and non-Ferris metal sheets are excellent materials for prototypes. These materials can be cut in-house and assembled to create a one off product that will be ready for manufacturing.

Prototyping Electrical and Electronic Devices

Solderless breadboards are ideal for prototyping simple electrical circuits. We can also CNC cut single layer circuit boards. The prototype board will allow you to test and then proceed on with purchasing commercial production boards.