The Best of DWFoamies

In 2004 a local club member asked if I could cut some foam and wanted me to cut “Shifty” which was a popular foamie from Charger RC. I told him to design his own, the YAK 54 was his choice. In 2005, the YAK became the first kit that I sold under the DWFoamies name. I created a team of 3D pilots where we continued to design and fly flat foam aerobatic airplanes. If you have read about the Depron shortage, it is true. Selit, the manufacturer of Depron brand foam, has communicated their intentions to quit supplying the hobby industry with consistent, high quality foam. In 2016 I purchased all of the remaining Depron in the USA., we continued to manufacture kits through 2019. During DWFoamies production years we cut over 10,000 kits…we are now out of foam, unfortunately we have shut down production.

Thanks to all of our customers for the support throughout the years. Special thanks to our team and their fathers for helping DWFoamies become one of the greatest Depron foamie manufactures in the USA!