In October of 2020 we made a 1,300 mile trip up to Lake Oswego, Oregon to visit our daughter. My goal was also to build out a basement bathroom for her.

I spent 6 weeks down in the basement, mostly by myself, breaking out concrete, removing the old cast iron plumbing, re-plumbing with ABS and framing out the walls.  

My wife worked hard for months working up a layout for the bath, only to be changed once we arrived. Working with the existing pluming proved to be a challenge for wall placement.
The concrete removal went pretty well with only a few stubborn areas. Busting out the old cast iron pipes went much easier than expected.
I framed a few critical walls that carried the main pipes and was able to get most of the plumbing installed.
I finished out the framing, it really started to take shape, the daughter and wife started getting excited.
Time was running out and decided to hire some contractors to finish off the drywall.