I met John Long and John Hynd (RIP 2019) back in 1983 through Michele Needel, an interior designer. Our first project with Michele was an edit bay for A&G Productions, a video production company owned by the Johns’. Since then, John Long has been my challenge customer bringing me projects like I have never seen before. John moved to Las Vegas to cater the the Gaming Business. His customers range from slot machine manufacturers to casinos on anything from strategic planning, marketing or product design and his clients can be found in Australia, Japan, Europe, Latin America and of course, all over the good-old USofA.

Below are some of the projects John and I have worked on over the years, there are many more some of which John would shoot me if I made them public. Most of these of the images are all 3D modeled and rendered. The rendered images served as a great prototyping tool for his customers.