RA/CAR is the rarest and most desirable 1/8 RC car of them all, these were the one of the first competition cars on the market. They were produced in the late 1960s by Ron Moody, RC car racing began in the USA in the late 1960s. This car was purchased as a kit back in the early 70’s, my father and I started it but was never finished. After my father’s passing, I found it up in the rafters hidden in a old dusty box. I kept it for a couple years, after seeing one listed on eBay and selling for over $2,000 I decided to finish building it. Mostly finishing the wire suspension and mounting components.

The engine is a Super Tigre G23 which has never been started. All of the delicate suspension was completed, cleaned up and looks new. The chassis is made of urethane foam with a layer of fiberglass over the top of it, which makes it light and strong. Also unique to these cars is the two speed + neutral trans-axle with a centrifugal clutch. It is a beautiful piece of engineering and in perfect working condition. A three channel RS radio was also purchased at the time of the car. It is used to operate the steering + throttle + gearbox. The body is a Lotus 78 painted and detailed matching the original full scale racing body. There are no body mounts as the body is only used for display purposes, for which it does very nicely.

RA/CAR Development was located at 338 W. Lincoln Ave Anaheim, CA USA 92805