Imagine a house in which the living room is a giant cabinet drawer, the garage is a bed and the second level consists of a deck designed as a huge chair. Mike and Robin Morgan aren’t just imagining, however. They have a serious intent of building this extraordinary “House of Furniture” designed by architect Tom Grondona.

By Carol Olten SD Union, 1984

The “Morgan’s House of Furniture” started out as a kind of Italian Rationalist box. Well, at one point we had to add a room, so we put this cube on the side of this, oh..almost like the side of a salt box…and it started looking like a drawer, and Mike, one of the owners who’s a cabinetmaker said “This thing looks like a drawer”. So, next thing we knew, we had put a handle on and had a wooden drawer coming out of the house. Then, the disaster came when Robin, the other owner, wanted to add another room. At this point we had another drawer pulling out of the house which made it sculpturally top-heavy. We had now gathered ideas with the clients for what they wanted. I said give me a week. I may come up with something different. Mike replied: “Don’t forget the drawer!” That’s when the inspiration of doing a house with giant pieces of furniture came. We now have a 12-foot tall bed as a garage, a 25-foot tall chair as a viewing deck, a black file cabinet as the master bedroom and various other furniture parts making up the house.

Quoted by- Tom Grondona, AIA

These are a few images of the model designed by Tommy Grondona.
We finished our home in 1991, the same year our daughter was born.