Back in the 80’s there were a handful of small wood shops located in San Diego and a high demand for custom built furniture. A good friends girlfriend, an interior designer, talked me into building some furniture for her home. My custom workshop became Wood Forms in 1982. We worked for designers building furniture, store fixtures, industrial signage, yacht interiors and more…  A few of  our clients like “Intra Interior Design”, “Ballinger Design”, “David Robinson, AIA”, “Tom Grondona, AIA” and “Immel Design” contracted us to build some great projects.  I started with a small shop in Lemon Grove, in three years we grew from 1 employee to 6 and quickly needed a larger facility. We moved to a 3,500 sq/ft warehouse with high ceilings and hardwood floors located on Palm St., across from Lindbergh Field.

Here is a great quote- “A craftsman isn’t known for the size of his work area, or the quantity of tools he has. He’s known for what he can do with what he has”