• Super Sinbad Build
    This was my first build since 2005. Owning DWFoamies kept me from getting back to the building table. Now that I have run out of foam and shut down the business, there will be more fun projects like this one. Berkeley Kit466980Berkeley Plans This is a great example of classic
  • 1998 Ford Van Conversion
    This conversion has come a full circle. Back in the summer of 1969, during high school, I started my first business doing van interiors. My mother helped me sew the curtains and I did the handyman part. Paul the Host1998 Van in YosemiteMariah #63Outside_Before02 It’s now 2019, 50 years later
  • One more off the “Honey-Do list”
    This one has been on the list since the purchase of the house in 2005. When we purchased our home, this room was originally a family room, we converted it into a master bedroom. This is the door style used throughout our home, the wife wants to make the opening
  • Lil’ Red Wagon
    My first attempt will be a robotic arm that will grab a bottle of water and hand it to someone in need of a drink. The robot is radio controlled and will also have the ability to be controlled through a video camera. This is known as FPV or “First
  • Borreson Deck
    Last summer’s project is still in the works and due to be completed summer 2016. This was part of a total backyard restoration that we contracted out. We found a great landscape contractor, he had to be great his first name is the same as mine, that gave us a