One more off the “Honey-Do list”


This one has been on the list since the purchase of the house in 2005. When we purchased our home, this room was originally a family room, we converted it into a master bedroom.  


   This is the door style used throughout our home, the wife wants to make the opening match other doors in the house. The problem is that the opening is 44″ wide and a single door has no place to swing. We decided to go with a pair of double swung doors, but that poses another problem. Using two 22″ doors the arched detail will not show, the vertical styles being 6″ wide only leaves 10″ for the panel.

Lil’ Red Wagon


This is not as much about the wagon as it is about the robot that is pulling it. The robot is a platform that will be work in progress for testing different sensors and tools that will ride along.
   My first attempt will be a robotic arm that will grab a bottle of water and hand it to someone in need of a drink. The robot is radio controlled and will also have the ability to be controlled through a video camera. This is known as FPV or “First Person View”.

Below is work in progress, as you can see it started as an electric wheelchair-

Borreson Deck

Last summer’s project is still in the works and due to be completed summer 2016. This was part of a total backyard restoration that we contracted out. We found a great landscape contractor, he had to be great his first name is the same as mine, that gave us a great deal for the total package. He is a “landscape contractor” that does great with hardscape and plant material but was lacking on the structural design of decks. Yours truly stepped in, produced a set of CAD drawings that enabled me to do a material takeoff for the treated beams and Trex decking that was to be used in the project.

Giant Foamie

This was a project I designed and built for DWFoamies in 2012, it was to be used in advertising campaigns and trade shows while we were on the road. The construction is 6mm/9mm Depron and 1/8″ lite Ply, the hinging is done with a carbon rod and fiberglass pivot points. The airframe came out incredibly light, total all up weight was 8 lbs and a wing span of 84″.

The motor is a Cobra 4130 -16 with a 390 KV running on 6S 3700 Lipos. Unfortunately the foamie had a short life, a Team pilot had radio failure on its 5th flight while test flying.

R/C Car Restoration

RA/CAR is the rarest and most desirable 1/8 RC car of them all, these were the one of the first competition cars on the market. They were produced in the late 1960s by Ron Moody, RC car racing began in the USA in the late 1960s. This car was purchased as a kit back in the early 70’s, my father and I started it but was never finished. After my father’s passing, I found it up in the rafters hidden in a old dusty box. I kept it for a couple years, after seeing one listed on eBay and selling for over $2,000 I decided to finish building it. Mostly finishing the wire suspension and mounting components.

The engine is a Super Tigre G23 which has never been started. All of the delicate suspension was completed, cleaned up and looks new. The chassis is made of urethane foam with a layer of fiberglass over the top of it, which makes it light and strong. Also unique to these cars is the two speed + neutral trans-axle with a centrifugal clutch. It is a beautiful piece of engineering and in perfect working condition. A three channel RS radio was also purchased at the time of the car. It is used to operate the steering + throttle + gearbox. The body is a Lotus 78 painted and detailed matching the original full scale racing body. There are no body mounts as the body is only used for display purposes, for which it does very nicely.

RA/CAR Development
338 W. Lincoln Ave Anaheim
CA USA 92805