• R/C Car Restoration
    RA/CAR is the rarest and most desirable 1/8 RC car of them all, these were the one of the first competition cars on the market. They were produced in the late 1960s by Ron Moody, RC car racing began in the USA in the late 1960s. This car was purchased
  • Klemm L-20 Build
    As a young boy from the age of 4, I lived for every moment working in the garage. Learning the secrets of model building from my father, a master builder, has carried me through a life long hobby. Today, I build both sport and scale models for customers, even one
  • Glory of the Cross
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    Our mother was a religious person and very involved in her church. She passed away in 2005, with my experience in woodworking I felt that it was very fitting for me to build her an urn. I designed the urn as a cross and built it out of teak, which
  • Aerial Cub
    Back in the late 90’s I started working as a consultant for an engineering company. They developed master planned communities with 100’s of acres of land. They needed a way to monitor construction along with environmentally sensitive areas. With my background in model airplanes I came up with an electric
  • The House of Furniture
    Imagine a house in which the living room is a giant cabinet drawer, the garage is a bed and the third level consists of a deck designed as a huge chair. Mike and Robin Morgan aren’t just imagining, however. They have a serious intent of building this extraordinary “House of