• My friend John
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    I met John Long and John Hynd back in 1983 through Michele Needel, an interior designer. Our first project with Michele was an edit bay for A&G Productions, a video production company owned by the Johns’. Since then, John Long has been my challenge customer bringing me projects like I
  • Wood Forms
    Back in the 80’s there were a handful of small wood shops located in San Diego and a high demand for custom built furniture. A good friends girlfriend, an interior designer, talked me into building some furniture for her home. My custom workshop became Wood Forms in 1982. We worked
  • Morgan Boat Works
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    Just out of high school, I started working for Jack Kelly Yacht Sales. They were located on Scott Street next to Kettenberg Marine. We outfitted 44′ yachts that were imported on a cargo ship from Taiwan to the Port of San Pedro. They arrived in poor quality, my job was
  • Nostalgia
    I started building model airplanes back in the late 50’s, I lived for working in our garage building with my father. We would go fly our newly built or repaired airplanes every weekend. Back then a good flight was getting off the ground and a great flight was landing within